Next Release January 12 at 6pm PST

Hi guys! It's Monica, the mama and creator of monsters behind Monster and Eli! I am humbled and overwhelmed by your response to my cuddly creations and it's my mission to put a monster into the hands of every person, big or little, who is looking for an adventurous friend! With that being said, I am only one person so the number of monster orders that I take with each release will be limited.. but I promise, I am working harder than the Keebler Elf to get your orders out to you!  And I am getting better at asking for help so the number of monster orders that I will be taking with each release will hopefully increase in the near future.  

Finding Balance

I recently found myself having a difficult time keeping up with life. Monster and Eli started as a hobby a few months ago in my down time from work. I have a day-job.. I own a daycare center with 5 employees that just keeps growing. Yes, this means that I am also a chaos coordinator as well as a creator of monsters! And I LOVE it! Having an intelligent conversation with a two year old is second to none!!

After refiguring my priorities, I have decided to put my sweet little mama in charge of the daycare center and go all in with creating more monsters! I have always had the need to make things and sewing seems to fulfill my soul. What this really means is that I will have more time to take pictures, write blog posts, be a teen and toddler mama and spend a few more quiet moments before my chaos begins. Yes and yes!

When does the shop open?

I plan on opening my shop 1-2 times per month to take monster orders. For this release, I will be taking 30 monster orders and am hoping that it will be more than enough to fill demand. Fingers crossed! The monsters are made to order and will have a turn around time of up to three weeks before I can get them in the mail to you. So be patient, like I said, I am working harder than a Keebler Elf to get your orders out!


You have my heart!

I love getting to know each and every one of you and hearing your stories.. yes, you have made me laugh and cry, possibly without you knowing it!  Honestly, a piece of my heart leaves with every monster that goes out of my door because of the heart that goes in to making them. Every monster is handmade by me so it looks different and tells it's own story. The best part about these little friends are they love to be with you, hear your secrets and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. 

The next release will be Friday, January 12 at 6pm PST!
For this release, the cuddle monsters will be available in all of the colors and there will be three different colors available for the fur monsters, candy black, white, and a NEW mystery monster that I think that you are going to love! There is a preview up for all of the monsters that will be available tomorrow!

I look forward to spending more time in the monster mama zone! 

Thanks for loving what I love,