Narwhal and Unicorn Q&A

I am excited to announce that we will be adding narwhal and unicorn to our cuddle monster family! The first release will be on April 20 at 6pm PST. I want to be able to release as many monsters into the wild as possible and will be doing things a bit differently this time.

Here is a quick Q&A about the drop on April 20!

How many monsters will be available?

There will be 80 listings with a 2-3 week turn around time as well as another 80 listings with a 5-6 week turn around time!! That comes to a grand total of 160 monsters that will be released into the wild!! WHAA?

How will I know what my turn around time will be?

So you are probably wondering, "How will I know what turn around time to expect?" No worries! The monsters with the 2-3 week turn around time will be regular listings and ALL of the monsters with the 5-6 week turn around time will be under a listing called 'double drop'! You will choose from 'narwhal or unicorn' from the drop down menu as well as choose the type of fabric that you would like.

What if I want more that one monster?

I will only be accepting one order per person during this drop. If you end up with more than one item in your cart or more than one order in your name, one of the orders will be canceled and released back into inventory for someone else to purchase.

Where are the bear and yeti?

Don't worry! The bear and yeti available again at a later date. If you want to be one of the first to get notified when they will be back, join our VIP group HERE!

What colors will be available?

Here is a list of the colors that will be available for each monster!

Are these new magical monsters washable?

Yes and Yes!! All of the monsters will have a bit of extra fuzz from the sewing process. I recommend prewashing it before you give it to your little monster! But beware, monsters are kind of picky about their bath time! In order to keep your cuddle monster happy during bath time, put it in a delicates bag, cold wash with mild detergent and dry naturally. Just be sure to avoid fabric softener and brush your monster if his hair starts looking matted.


We will see you on Friday! Don't forget to set your alarms, April 20, 6pn PST. These sweet little beasts won't stick around very long!


Creator of Monsters