Foster Project

When a child is placed into a foster home, regardless of how happy their new surroundings are, they tend to feel scared and insecure in their new environment. Some children have ended up in many different homes and a large number of them have experienced some sort of trauma in their lives, making it harder for them to make connections or feel accepted.

During this holiday season, we will be donating one monster for every ten sold in the months of October and November to local foster children with a simple message.  We are hoping that this small gift will be something they can connect with and take wherever they go.

Fawn + Foster is a company created by an adoptive and foster family with a passion for children and giving back. 50% of their profits year round, go towards helping foster children. We will be partnering with Fawn + Foster in a giveaway in November to help raise awareness of this greater need from foster children during the holiday.